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Institutional Arrangements and Coordination


Institutional Arrangements and Coordination

Last updated May 18, 2015



  1. Ministry of Defence
  1. Establish appropriate mechanisms for co-ordination of military pensions;
  2. Provide the necessary documentation for beneficiaries of military pensions to the Zonal pensions officers;
  3. To gather, synthesise and disseminate information on the goals, activities and achievements of payment of military pensions;
  4. Develop and disseminate guidelines for military pensions management at the district level through the CAO;
  5. Maintain and publish a record of military pensioners paid in consultation with MoPS;
  6. Monitor and evaluate payment of military pensions regularly; and
  7. Provide technical support to Zonal Pensions Officers.


  1. Ministry of Finance Planning and economic Development
  1. Provide for adequate resources for military pensions;
  2. Ensure that the national Planning framework is sensitive to payment of military pensions;
  3. Support the Ministries of Defence and Public service on matters of Military pensions.
  4. Participate in meetings for addressing challenges related to military pensions
  1. Ministry of Public Service
  1. Assess submissions and process payments of military pensions and gratuities;
  2. Provide technical support to the Ministry of Defence on matters of Military pensions;
  3. Monitor and evaluate military pensions payments and make regular publications; and
  4. Collect and document and disseminate reports on military pensions where applicable.
  1. Ministry of Local Government
  1. Coordinate Local Governments in the implementation of the UPDF decentralization process;
  2. Issue circulars and administrative instructions to CAOs in Local Governments on management of military pensions and provide the necessary link with the Ministry of Defence;
  3. Provide support to CAOs on military pensions
  4. Monitor work at the district level including receiving quarterly reports on military pensions from the districts.


Information, Education and Communication

All serving officers and militants shall be educated on the processes and requirements for military pensions. In order to clear the current backlog, general sensitisation of beneficiaries in all districts is an imperative. This will enable the beneficiaries to know about the new strategy of decentralisation and the required documents for processing terminal benefits. CAOs and the Zonal Pension Officers shall be trained on matters of processing terminal benefits for the discharged and deceased personnel of UPDF. The Ministry of Defence through the Inter-Ministerial and Technical committees shall develop and implement a comprehensive information Education and communication programme in respect of the decentralized process.

Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

The Ministry of Defence, through the Chieftaincy of Pensions and Gratuities has developed monitoring indices and format for administration of the decentralised military pension processes. The implementation of these processes and guidelines will be monitored through daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual reports.

Implementation Arrangements;

The implementation of these guidelines will be as follows:



Time frame



Communication to the PS/MOLG requesting him to issue the  circular with the guidelines to CAOs

30th June 2014



Appointment of Zonal Pensions Officers and issuance out a circular with the guidelines to all Units.

10th July 2014  



PS/MOLG issues  circular with guidelines to CAOs

1st July 2014



Sensitisation of all stakeholders about the new initiative regarding matters of processing the terminal benefits for the discharged and deceased eligible military personnel.

15th – 16th July 2014



Operationalization of the decentralised system

1st July 2014