Lt Col Saad Katemba Commandant of NCOA

About NCOA

Non Commissioned Officers Academy (NCOA), located in Jinja was shifted from Kabamba, Mubende, to give space for Uganda Military Academy. It interchanged locations with School of Infantry that was named Uganda Military Academy.

NCOA, in its current location, was inaugurated on November 5, 2007 by the Commander-in-Chief, HE Rtd Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Its inauguration was meant to emphasize professionalization of the UPDF as a course of action in a bid to strengthen and elevate its operational capacity.

The Academy is one of the training schools of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces accredited by Uganda’s Ministry of Education & Sports (MOE&S).

 NCOA provides the basis on which the NCO core can be built. It provides the soldiers with the fundamentals to command, administer troops under their command, and career guidance to enable them sustain themselves and their families during the conduct of their duties and after service. By having the right mental attitude, working hard, and paying attention to detail, students find their time at the Academy enjoyable and rewarding.


To train lower military unit leaders on tactical techniques and operational procedures in order to enable them effectively manage, organize, administer, coordinate and command basic troop compositions, taking care of their well-being and maintaining good standards of their resources.


The Non-commissioned Officers’ Corp is instrumental to effective Command, Control and Administration of the army and that is why it is often referred to as the back bone of the force.

It is therefore imperative that this force component is kept vibrant to function effectively in support of the force. Training is the basic requirement for building the individual and collective capacities of the Corp and NCOA performs this task.