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Evolution of Armoured Brigade

Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Armoured Brigade is one of the Specialised Units of the UPDF Land Forces with it’s headquarter at Kasijjagirwa barracks in Masaka. It has several Tank Battalions, a Maintenance Unit and a Training School at Armoured Warfare Training School (AWTS)-Kalama as its organic elements. The Brigade also has attached elements like the Guard unit, among others.

The history of Uganda’s Armoured Brigade dates back in the 1970’s under the then Uganda Army (UA).

It started as a small Mechanised Regiment with a few T-34 tanks, a substantial number of Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC’s) and a Field Engineering Unit. When the National Resistance Army (NRA) captured Uganda’s state power in 1986, the Mechanised Regiment was still composed of a few T-54 Tanks, some APC’s and a small Field Engineering Unit.

As part of the professionalisation of the UPDF, in 1998 the Mechanised Regiment was elevated to a Brigade status comprising of Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV’s) (Mambas and Buffels) and basically, the T-55 tanks.

In the year 2002 the Mechanised Brigade was restructured with the Armoured Personnel Carriers and Motorised Infantry attaining the status of an Independent Unit known as the Motorised Infantry Brigade (MOI BDE) which then moved to Nakasongola as the Tanks and Tank Units remained in Masaka to form the Armoured Brigade.

By this time the Field Engineering Unit had also attained a Regimental status and continued being co-located with the now Armoured Brigade until 2008 when it moved to Maga Maga in Mayuge.

Meanwhile, Uganda acquired more sophisticated equipments leading to formation of additional Tank Battalions and a Maintenance Unit. This guaranteed Armour support to all UPDF operations both within and outside the country.


To build a stronger, well trained professional formation and further acquiring more modern equipment to meet the challenges of modern times henceforth looking forward to having the strongest formidable Armoured Brigade for the defence of our mother land Uganda.


To provide Combat Support to other Combat Elements/Formations by making maximum use of Fire Power, Protection and Mobility with a view to achieving the protection of the territorial sovereignty of Uganda, together with the regional security obligations as may be required.


Provision of adequate Armour support to the UPDF in all its operations within and outside Uganda.

Building of a professionally well trained Tank Force which is adequately capable of contributing to the fulfillment of Armoured Brigade mission in support of National and Pan African Cause.

Acquisition of modern tank assets.

Infrastructural development within the Headquarter.

It has built capacity to locally train its personnel using modern technology at its own school.

Civil Military Co-operation with the local populace has helped build confidence in the eight districts of greater Masaka region.