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4 Div Commander BrigKanyesigye Emmanuel



To defend the territorial integrity of Uganda within its Area of Responsibility, secure the population and support civil authority in emergencies in order to sustain the country’s security and development.


Kupanga ni kuchagua


UPDF 4 Infantry Division was originally 157 Mobile Brigade of the National Resistance Army. It was operating in Northern and West Nile regions under the Command of Colonel (Maj Gen) Pecos Kutesa. The Mobile Brigade was too large and later was broken down into smaller Brigades when the NRA formations were structured in 1987.

Thus on December 16, 1987, the 157 Brigade was designated into 4 Infantry Division with its Headquarters in Gulu Municipality. The Division under the command of Col (now Major General) Pecos Kutesa had 311 Brigade based at Pabbo that was commanded by Maj (now Brig) Ssebagala with 44Bn, 49Bn and 18Bn.  312 Brigade based at Minakulu under (Late Lt Col) Butamanya with 55Bn, 22Bn and 57Bn. 313 Brigade was based in West Nile under (Late  Col) Benon Tumukunde with 27Bn, 14Bn and “New” Bn which was commanded by JO1 Kahangire and deployed in Koboko sector.  

314 Brigade at Gulu was under the command of (Late) Col Julius Aine who had been the second in command to Pecos Kutesa while he was commanding NRA 157 Mobile Brigade before being spilt. The 314 Brigade had 13 Battalion, 24 Battalion, 5Bn, 95Bn and a Battalion that was being commanded by Lt Col Abiriga at Apyeta.

4 Infantry Division was bordering 5 Infantry Division of Gen David Tinyefuza in the East, Sudan Republic in the North, Field Artillery Division in the South and Democratic Republic of Congo in the West. It covered districts of West Nile, parts of Acholi and Lango in Northern Uganda.

4 Infantry Division has been on forefront of counter insurgency operations in Northern Uganda since 1987, and it has also contributed its troops to both internal operations in other Divisions and, externally, to operations aimed at bringing regional stability in Sudan (later South Sudan), Central African Republic and Somalia.

Area of responsibility

Currently, 4 Division comprises of four Brigades, affiliated support units and auxiliary  taking charge of mid Northern Uganda and West Nile sub region, hence covering 12 districts of Arua, Maracha, Koboko, Yumbe, Moyo, Nebbi, Zombo, Adjumani, Amuru, Nwoya, Gulu and Oyam.


The most prominent achievement of 4 Division is the total defeat of the Lord’s Resistance Army from Ugandan soil and hence, reestablishment of total peace in Northern Uganda and return of internally Displaced Persons and resettlement of the population. The division has also secured the porous national borders with the relatively unstable neighbours in South Sudan and DRC.

Division Commanders

1986 – 1989: (Now Maj Gen) Pecos Kutesa

1989 – 1990: Lt Col (Late) Serwanga Lwanga

1990           :  Col Lumumba (RIP)

1991 – 1995: Col (now Brig) Samuel Waswa

1995 – 1996:       Brig Chef Alli (RIP)

1996           :          Lt Col (now Brig) Samuel Kawagat

1996 – 1997: Col (Maj Gen) James Kazini (RIP)

1998 – 1999:       Brig (now Gen) Edward Katumba Wamala

1999 – 2000 Col (now Brig) Samuel Kawaga

2000 – 2002: Brig (now Rtd Lt Gen) Henry Tumukunde

Jan – June 2002: Col (now Maj Gen) Geoffrey Muheesi

2002 – 2003: Col (now Lt Gen) Andrew Gutti

2003 – 2006:       Col (Maj Gen) Nathan Mugisha

2007 – 2008:       Brig George J Etyang

2008 – 2009:       Brig Lucky Kidega

2009 – 2011:       Brig Charles Otema Awany

2012 – Jul 2012: Col (now Brig) Innocent Oula 

Jul 2012 – Nov 2012: Col Fenekansi Mugyenyi

Nov 2012 – Jun 2013: Brig (Maj Gen) Wilson Mbadi

June 2013 – May 2014: Col Emmanuel Kanyesigye

May 14 - to date: Brig Kayanja Muhanga